Decoration Strategy For Indoor Children's Playground

- Jan 11, 2020-

Nowadays, more and more indoor children's parks are being opened in the market. In addition to various children's amusement devices, innovative and unique decoration design is inevitably the symbolic feature of each store's eye-catching vision. Moreover, the good decoration design scheme of indoor children's parks is the decisive factor to avoid the homogenization of indoor children's parks.

                                             ◆ The decoration design of children's playground◆

The design of the children's park is mainly in bright colors, with the columns also packaged in colors. As we all know, children's first sense of color is very strong, if the design of children's amusement equipment in the color is insufficient, then can not be said to be a successful product. Peripheral with green, yellow two kinds of chroma higher color collocation. Interior with red, pink, yellow, blue and other light - based color series, overall look, give a fresh and natural atmosphere. So the attraction of the device itself is critical.

                                               ◆Distinct theme, high playability◆

Children for bright color, animal and plant modeling products are particularly sensitive, as the children's park products with standard equipment swing, slide, ocean ball, sand pool and so on will also let children crazy hot equipment. Blocks, sand pool more attract some good quiet, younger children; Electric equipment, sandbags can climb, shake, capture exercise balance, easy to attract some older children. The mutual combination and collocation of the equipment can achieve the effect of making children linger on, which will naturally be loved by parents and children.