Customized Indoor Playground Comes To Wenzhou Zboy

- Oct 27, 2019-

      Indoor playground  is a customized product, the advantage is a one-time investment lifetime return. 

The main projects include trampoline, ocean ball pool,  sand pool, air glide,zip line, log bridge, iron rope bridge,shoot area, rotating slide, slide tube, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, Vocalno climbing, coconut tree ride, water bed, swivel chair, rainbow net climbing tree,and so on. 

      Indoor playground is suitable for kid from 1-12 years old , it have many projects,, can set fitness, puzzle and entertainment as one.

     Wenzhou Zboy is a professional manufacturer of indoor playground more than 10 years.

     We have:

     1. the unique design.

     2. Large production capacity。

     3. 100% before and after- sale service.


     if you are intersted in indoor playground,please don't hesitate to contact Wenzhou Zboy,our contact details as follows:

       Annie Wang