Create Long Trampoline Checkpoints Activities

- Dec 21, 2017-

This year's National Day hit the Mid-Autumn Festival, precious 8-day holiday to be well prepared! With its crowded people to the major attractions, it is better to be at your doorstep, easy to play non-stop!


On October 1, the "Mango Trampoline Park" of the mango car in Kaifu District of Changsha played a new tricks to create a new game entry mode for the "trampoline king." Long Trampoline lovers can pass through the trampoline game, get the upgrade and its corresponding section of the honorary title.


All Trampoline King event participants qualify for promotion through 6 pass-through games, with several different prizes available for each segment.


From October 1 to December 31, the Mangrove Trampoline Park will hold the theme activity of "Trampoline King and Red Mansion", targeting all trampoline players in Changsha and surrounding cities, creating popular gameplay and opening the 1000-player stage match. Address: Kaifu District, Tsing Zhuhu Road 399.