Come Barking Trampoline Park To Relieve Your Stress

- Dec 07, 2017-

Jiangcheng entertainment trampoline everywhere appear

Last weekend, the reporter walked into a trampoline complex in Optics Valley and saw more than a dozen people dressed in sportswear jumping through the air, basically young people. "Every week, come and relax."they work pressure,come to this barking trampoline park to release the pressure. 

Reporters noted that the venue is divided into trampoline area, sponge pool area and recreation area, empty nearly 10 meters. In the trampoline area, there are more than 20 rectangular trampoline, consumers can freely jump, there are professional trainers led to do some simple vacated action. Staff introduction, after jumping tired, you can relax to the sponge area or play area, every weekend there are many young people to experience.


Reporters visited the search in the three towns and found large and small trampoline hall in Jiangcheng "blooming": Wuchang plot Yuqiao a trampoline more professional, is an independent trampoline hall; Castle Peak all the way to build a commercial complex trampoline entertainment Sex is stronger. There is a trampoline hall at Gutian 2 Road in Hankou, where there is almost no empty bed on weekends. There are a lot of nearby residents who play with their children.

Exercise stress relief is sought after

Reporters noted that here filled with a variety of color cube sponge pool edge is a high-profile, we lined up from the high-profile free fall, and then lie sponge pool. "One second of falling feeling is still, and for a minute on the sponge, the brain can be completely emptied." Mr. Fu, after the experience, described his feelings.


Ms. Ma, a director of a comprehensive sports city, said that trampoline sports first swept the fitness circle in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities. Because both to exercise the muscles, but also has a very high entertaining, so sought after by white-collar workers: "Simply jumping can exercise limbs, with some action you need the whole body muscles, and full of fun."

Ms. Ma also introduced that whether jumping through the trampoline in the air or through the high-altitude sponge pool to free fall, participants can enjoy the moment of emptying and barking trampoline park, which effectively release the pressure of work and life, which is trampoline Swept the most important reason.