Come And Experience The Game's Fun And Fun With A Huge Trampoline

- Jan 12, 2018-

Trampoline is not just a simple bounce, from the fun of the surface began to exudes its charm. Trampoline is a kind of whole body exercise, regular practice can improve the body's exercise system function, promote growth and development, enhance the resistance of bones and joints, but also to maintain the coordination of the body. Sports psychology studies believe that trampoline sports are very much in line with the psychological characteristics of children's entertainment and sports. Insist on exercising will make children's leg muscle groups and cerebellar balance nervous system and brain nervous system more developed and focus their children's attention.


Trampoline sports stand out in many sports, its development requires the integration of science and technology. "Love bungee jumping" will be the concept of "technology trampoline" into the current operation of the store, increasing master show and interactive video trampoline and other scientific and technological means. Master show is through the best perspective of the venue layout of intelligent devices, experience through the public number or APP, available 24 hours at any time access live sports video. These videos can not only save the collection and share the exchange, but also through its analysis to identify technical deficiencies in order to conduct targeted training and improvement. This is a great help for parents to check their children's learning activities at any time, as well as after-school practice, truly "change the visible." The interactive video is the experience of those who through a simple bouncing action, you can participate in the jumping ball on the trampoline, crazy step on the monster, Star Wars, colorful flowers, magic windmill five kinds of projection games, allowing the experience of easy exercise And "crowd" of fun. At the same time, the trampoline interactive trampoline area, it is the combination of interactive technology and trampoline entertainment, greatly enhance the trampoline entertainment.

Speaking of love bungee, aiming to build China's first brand of entertainment trampoline industry. Love the bungee along the way, fruitful, in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Qingdao and other places opened a number of chain stores, widely favored customers.

Love the bungee focus to create "the whole family huge trampoline fitness paradise" concept for the majority of families to provide a family-friendly, fun and healthy parent-child play theme park. The main items that love bungee jumping include children bouncing, slam dunk, super golfers, bubble ocean, free jumping, extended sports, Spider-Man, Warriors Road, parkour, climbing training and more. In the free-bungee area, you can feel relaxed jumping with a lot of people in the sponge pool, you can enjoy the moment of jerk release; in the trampoline dunk area, you can use the trampoline NBA dash difficult dunk finish; Ocean Ball Pool, you can experience the stress-free state of stimulating heartbeat. Of course, you can also find leisure in the bar to find your happy time in the parkour training to pursue the sweeping fashion around the world. It is worth mentioning that love bungee also launched the "group activities", design colorful team activities, through teamwork and promotion obstacles to experience the entertainment and fun games, in a laugh to wanton Sweat, in a refueling quietly burst out the power of cohesion.