Columbia Movie Water World Settles In Thailand, Opening A New Immersive Play Experience

- Apr 09, 2021-

Recently, Sony Pictures announced that the world’s first theme water park-"Columbia Movie Water World" has settled in Thailand. The park has the most advanced amusement facilities and includes eight immersive movie themed areas, aiming to create a world-class Hollywood movie theme Scenic spot. Columbia Movie Water World is jointly developed by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Amazon Falls. It covers an area of 14 acres and is located in the seaside town of Bansari, Pattaya, Thailand. It is scheduled to open in October 2021.

Different from traditional water parks, Columbia Movie Water World includes eight theme movie immersive play areas, which can meet the needs of tourists of all ages. Each theme area contains a series of water and land play projects, as well as exciting live performances, immersive experiences, interactive props, unique scenery, theme restaurants, specialty goods and retail stores, bringing "The Brave Game" to tourists worldwide "Men in Black", "Jedi Men", "Hotel Elf" and "The Incredibles" and other major Hollywood movies such as immersive entertainment experience.

In the Colombian movie water world, visitors can not only experience the speed and weightlessness of the water roller coaster in the "Men in Black" theme park, but also can venture through the jungle waters of "Game of the Braves", and even step into the "Super Expendables" "The portal", from the rubber dinghy drifting into the world's first fully enclosed dome waterway. If you want to play land projects, you can start a thrilling chase at any time on the new outdoor karting track in the "Jedi Men" park. In addition to the heart-pounding entertainment facilities, the theme area of "Hostel Spirit" has also tailored the largest play area in the water park for parent-child tourists-more than 100 water features such as "splash bucket" and "water jet rocket". Required for similar home entertainment.

Columbia Film Water World was jointly developed by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Amazon Falls. Sony Pictures Entertainment’s executive vice president of global cooperation and brand management and LBE project leader Jeffrey Godsick said: “Sony Pictures will use its own power The development and expansion of LBE (location-based entertainment) projects for global film and television brands, and the “Columbia Cinema Water World” is a very important step. Through water parks, touring exhibitions and theme parks, audiences from all over the world can get more in-depth Immerse yourself in our movie story."

It is worth mentioning that the opening of Columbia Movie Water World is also part of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Smart City. In the future, Columbia Cinema Water World will establish new partnerships with top accommodation, technology, retail and catering partners to create a comprehensive entertainment destination. It is reported that the Columbia Movie Water World is expected to open in stages in October 2021, and will start trial operation in 2022, so stay tuned.