Christmas Surprise To Enjoy The Best Indoor Trampoline Non-stop Come

- Dec 28, 2017-

According to cool jumping trampoline theme park staff revealed that this cool jumped trampoline theme park Christmas carnival lying is divided into two parts -

Part 1: Leave a comment Leave a wish, Christmas presents are delivered home

From now till Dec. 25, Share Cool Jump Trampoline Theme Park Christmas Activities Link to a friend circle, leave a comment Write down the Christmas gifts you want, Cool Jump Trampoline Theme Park will personally deliver gifts to home! Especially when there are kids at home, children are much more excited to receive gifts.


Part 2: There are surprises to visit the scene, Tyrant gift to get soft

The same or as long as the fingers of the cool jumped trampoline theme park Christmas activities to share to inform more friends and on December 24 and December 25 evening 19:00 ~ 21: 00 visit the cool jump trampoline theme park, immediately Can get a small Christmas gift; the scene more Iphone6S, mountain bike, watch phone and other moats waiting for you to come.

Of course, the spectacular Christmas theme activities at the party also should not be missed! Perhaps single Wang can also encounter a good edge at the party yet.


For more event details, check out the Official Wechat at Cool Trampoline Theme Park (WeChat: koolfly168), along with links to Christmas events. In short as long as you participate in, cool jumping trampoline theme park will not let you go home this Christmas empty handed.

As a best indoor trampoline theme park, is also China's largest one, cool jump the carefully planned Christmas activities just to reward has been loved and involved in trampoline to the big friends, children, and encourage more people to come near Trampoline, trampoline, fall in love with the trampoline.


In fact, compared with foreign countries, trampoline in China is still at a just emerging stage, its growth and development of children, heart and lung function, digestion and other aspects of the promotion, as well as for adults to prevent and reduce obesity, prevent disease, oxygen Other effects are not widely known. Therefore, the Cool Jump Trampoline Theme Park aims to give the safest and most extreme sports experience for Chinese trampoline enthusiasts from the very beginning, in full accordance with the most authentic trampoline park construction in the United States. Whether it is the cushioning of ground or wall, or freedom Bouncing area, play area, dunk area, ninja expansion area and sponge pool, everywhere high standards and strict requirements.

It is reported that, in addition to stretching people to relax the body trampoline, cool jumping trampoline theme park is still actively introducing dance training at this stage, and will focus on self-interpretation of the hip-hop, which is entirely for everyone to move up Rhythm ah. In addition, cool jumping trampoline theme park for the national investment scheme has also been freshly baked, it is not difficult to infer that cool jumping trampoline theme park aims to set off a nationwide trampoline boom, its ambition is really commendable.

Of course, as an ordinary user, you can receive such an intimate benefit on the occasion of the holiday season. If you want to refuse it, I'm afraid it will be difficult! Let's make a bold appointment. Meet the Cool Trampoline Theme Park this Christmas, challenge the new game, .