Cheap Trampolines With Net Hundreds Of Young People Are Eager To Jump On A Variety Of Trampolines

- Jan 24, 2018-


Ever since the Get Air Trampoline Park opened Nov. 1 in the outbuilding behind the Hamilton Mall, it has attracted hundreds of youngsters anxious to jump, flip and bounce on the wide variety of trampolines.


Unlike a traditional trampoline, which stands on legs above the floor, the Cheap trampolines with net features dozens of rubberized bouncing surfaces right at floor level, separated by walking areas.


In addition to the trampolines there are vaults and other obstacles, play areas for dodge ball and slam ball, a ninja course and a foam pit.


There is also a kiddie court for the younger visitors.


Participants can even watch their own antics on the delayed-view recording cameras and giant flat-screen monitors.