Site Requirements For Building A Trampoline Park

- Jul 02, 2019-

Trampoline park  is one of  the most popular sport in 2019,Trampoline park is not only a good place to exercise, but also the best place for parents and children. you can jump and jump as much as your children do here.

So, how to build a perfect trampoline park?........


First of all ,we must find a good location and a suitable venue.

1.the height of the site

For children, the net height should reach 4m, and for adults, the net height should reach more than 4.5m. We suggest that the net height of the site is above 5.2m, which is not restricted by age group, and some projects with high height requirements are not restricted.


2. Ground and pillars:

The ground needs to be flat, well ventilated and as few columns as possible.


3.Site area:

Indoor trampoline space size we recommend 600-2000 square meters or above, can make the best customer experience and quickly bring profits. It is worth mentioning that in the comprehensive indoor trampoline, trampoline equipment itself generally accounts for only 55 to 70 percent of the whole site, while the rest is used for supporting facilities, such as coffee shop, food station,storage and reception desk.