Build Your Fitness Olympic Trampoline

- Dec 24, 2017-

It is reported that mango Paradise Island trampoline park covers an area of 9,980 square meters, this set entertainment, sports and fitness as one of the trampoline park, equipped with jumping area, dodgeball area, sponge foam area, millions of ocean ball area, the ultimate slam dunk area , Olympic trampoline area, pattern wall area, spider tower area, Olympic trampoline area, tire climbing area more than 20 projects.


For the purpose of letting families enjoy a better trampoline experience, many parent-child games are also set up in the venue so that adults and children can enhance their feelings during play, and promote a more harmonious family relationship. In addition, the park will also launch a special trampoline course, both children and parents can participate in to enhance parent-child communication, shaping the child's strong physique.

Once won the "world championships in Hunan first gold medal", "National Trampoline Championships group champion" and other awards of the trampoline world champion Rodin invited to the opening ceremony of the scene for the Changsha residents brought a series of highly difficult professional trampoline performances, The crowd who came to attend the ceremony made a speech. A few experience all said "trampoline is fun", "children are happy", "should often play"! "I had come to see my son and I did not expect that I could play in the place where there are so many sea balls that I also jumped up and it was quite interesting!