Bounce Trampoline Park Has Become A New Bright

- Dec 20, 2017-

Remember the favorite trampoline when you were young? Vacate, fall, then bounce, this should be the most people feel like a cloud-like game. Nowadays, in addition to the appearances of major international events, trampoline has become another new choice for people's daily fitness. It is even more effective as a new highlight of shopping centers attracting people.


As a newborn family after 8090 parents, in addition to the traditional examination-oriented education, they pay more attention to family lifestyles shaping and experience. In addition, there is still tremendous potential for untrained games for young people aged 6-12 and even younger, given the hot market for younger children aged 2-6 years old. However, the "Bounce Trampoline Park" Brand is the fancy market and fully filled the gap between the software park and the gym.


June 6, 2016 The rebound trampoline park was opened in Furong Xintiandi, Qujiang New District, Xi'an, with an area of more than 1,600 square meters. Including the trampoline area, rainbow network, rainbow tree, rock climbing area, gun city, trampoline basketball area, sponge pool area, ocean ball pool area, naughty fort, roller slides, etc., both sky dunk, or sponge pool, Rainbow network, climbing area, children are eager to make children happy to play, parents can also enjoy a rest in the lounge area.


In the face of many influx of children's entertainment formats in the premise of serious brand homogeneity, rebound trampoline brand attaches great importance to innovation management and research and development operations, trampoline safety performance, it can be said rebound trampoline equipment cycle is extremely valued, Under the premise of ensuring safety without affecting the fun of the experience, the joyful activity of the trampoline will enable the vast majority of parents and families in Xi'an to live happily in the complicated daily life to ease the pressure on their children, Exercise, physical and mental relaxation.

At present, the bounced trampoline park already has the Guangzhou Olympic Sports Q Kids' Store, Mission Hills New City MHMALL, Shenzhen Zhongzhou Store, Foshan Oriental Plaza Store, Changsha Xiying Store, Changsha Zhonghai Huicheng Store, Xi'an Qujiang Store and Lanzhou Store , Mission Hills Metro Station in Haikou, Tianze Outlets in Fuzhou, Chengdu Shihao (to be opened), Zhuhai Rhine Store (to be opened) and other 12 stores.