Big Outdoor Trampoline Than The Park Trampoline Fun, More Interesting

- Jan 12, 2018-

More than 600 square meters of trampoline training venues is very open, cool, where regular training of small players are in an orderly manner. Some players jumped on the trampoline, suddenly like a light swallow flying in mid-air, followed by the same as the Sun Wukong agile flip over, draw a beautiful arc steady down. Shanxi Evening News convened to experience trampoline children stared blankly, one by one stare, attracted by these superb performances in front, from time to time issued an admiration, "wow, so high! How can they jump so high?" "That big What is the use of the net? "" When the players are jumping, why does the trampoline make a loud noise? "... The children seem to have become" why 100,000 "and trainer Wang Lei, who is in charge of the trampoline experience, answered with patience. Professional training of small players on the trampoline to do a demonstration, the action is performed before the take-off action, one-legged jump, pinch the waist jump, air jump ... ... accompanied by spring elastic, small team members flew into the air and fell toes straight , Arm stretch, the body is always a beautiful curve of the road. Tenguo Fei Fei, sway freely, simply beautiful. Ha, have you ever seen a ballet in the sky? That's it, everyone around is drunk. Speaking of the hard work behind the halo, Wang Lei said: "One-armed jitters need to practice for 1 year, pinching her waist and practice for half a year. Some of the players here practice from the age of five or six and have been training for six or seven years now. They carry their champion dreams, sweat in the training ground, hoping to become the next trampoline prince. "Some children read some touches and said:" Compared with them, we encountered some problems in learning too insignificant I will study their hard - working spirit and grow up to be useful to the motherland.

"One by one, children experience, Wang Lei constantly reminded standing on the" Cross "line, to do the action to be standard, aesthetic, whether curved or straight, make the audience clearly, this is a factor in the Olympic stadium score. Mom, I flew up, like a superman! "" Dad, I'm like a little swallow, and from the top you're getting smaller. "The kids are already" mad "out of the air.

Speaking of the promotion of big outdoor trampolines, Wang Lei said: "The trampoline is always a fun project, jumps in the above, all very relaxed. For adults, what pressure to worry about, instantly released. Fit, each child has the dream of flying, want to surpass everything, then the trampoline is the best choice. If you want to play more advanced, more dazzling, we must calm down to practice basic skills. To promote in society , We need a lot of attention, like this is a good opportunity for more people to popularize the trampoline knowledge.