Athletes Bring You Different Gymnastics Trampoline Fancy

- Jan 08, 2018-

Chongqing first national trampoline champion

27-year-old Fu Hao, can be described as twists and turns sports career, he started trampoline at the age of 9 and entered the Yunnan trampoline team, then the team dissolved, Fuhao 14-year-old came to Chongqing with his parents, joined the Chongqing trampoline team.

After four years of training in Chongqing, at the 2008 National Trampoline Championships, 18-year-old Fu Hao and Zhong Zhiwei, defeated many strength masters, won the men's double online synchronized gold medal, which is the first Chongqing national champion trampoline, after Chongqing players in the national competition never get the top three.

This year, the dissolution of Chongqing trampoline team, Fu Hao transferred to a stronger team in Jiangsu, and in the same year the national team.

"Trampoline is a great investment in sports." Fu Hao introduced, "a gymnastics trampoline have more than 20 million, a professional team at least four trampolines, which is one million out, and because of the material Restricted, such a big investment is not necessarily a result.

Trampoline sports harder than you think

Although it belongs to the Olympic Games, trampolines are still a hit in China.

"Indoor trampoline Hall height requirements with other sports different, find the right place to spend a lot of effort." Fu Hao pointed to the ceiling told reporters, "where the net pick high is 7.9 meters, the installation of the fire pipe left 7 meters, trampoline surface again 1.5 meters away from the ground, 5.5 meters for professional athletes is simply not enough.

Gao Lei performing trampoline, is the only professional trampoline in the museum, has set aside the maximum height can be set aside, but the reporter saw the national trampoline team "difficulty king" in the performance of "flexion two weeks swivel 540 degrees "" straight after two weeks "and other actions, or can easily touch the ceiling, attracted the audience exclaimed.

"General amateurs and children are hard to jump so high, especially when they first started training." Yesterday, Gao Lei also teaches you some simple trampoline stunts on the spot. Many children have learned how to "take the bomb" Kneeling shells "and other basic movements.

Reporter also tried to learn the "take the bomb" this action, jumped two or three minutes on the breathless. "Trampoline looks relaxed on TV, but in fact requires whole body muscles, especially waist strength, jumped 10 minutes is equivalent to 20 minutes of running." Gao Lei said with a smile, "There are special trampoline gymnastics, Good weight loss, many girls in Shanghai are practicing this.

Want to train more trampoline athletes in Chongqing

Fu Hao said: "Compared with ordinary parent-child sports, trampoline Hall can provide more activities, suitable for a wider population, children and the elderly can play."

For the future of trampoline sports, Gao Lei predicts: "trampoline performance is very strong, such as the NBA midfielder on the trampoline dunk show is very popular, there are some European and American extreme sports trampoline, trampoline + if there can be some combination of shooting, It's even better to add some confrontation. "

Looked at the scene bouncing on the trampoline kids, Fu Hao's goal is more simple: "Chongqing in 2009 there is no trampoline professional team, I hope by their own efforts, so that more children like to trampoline, but also for Chongqing Train more trampoline players. "