An Athlete's Spring Trampoline Park Tour

- Dec 07, 2017-

Reporter learned today, Sanshui District, Foshan City, athletes Zhong Xingping Sofia in Bulgaria held the 2017 World Trampoline Championships, and teammate Zhu Xueying won the women's online synchronization champion, the achievements of individuals in the World Trampoline Championship ninth crown.


At the 2017 World Trampoline Championships, Zhong Xingping first won the Women's Online Team Championship with his teammates, Liu Lingling and Zhu Xueying. In the women's online synchronization competition on Nov. 12, Zhong Xingping and Zhu Xueying once again cooperated with each other and both played well. They beat teams such as Canada, Japan, Russia and France with 50.200 points to win the second gold medal for the Chinese team. The ninth highest in the world trampoline championship.

Zhong Xingping, 30, is an evergreen tree in the Chinese women's trampoline team. Since entering the national team in 2002, with its steady performance has always played the team's main force. At the 24th Trampoline Championships in Eindhoven, Netherlands, in 2005, Zhong Xingping, 18, won the first group championship and became the first world champion in the history of Sanshui.Also officially opened her spring trampoline park tour.

Since then, Zhong Xingping won the World Championship。s in many sessions, the Asian Games, the National Games, the national competition won the group, individual match gold medal, silver medal. 2009 - 2017 Zhong Xingping won the group and individual championships in Guangdong consecutively at the third national games. In 2016, Zhong Xingping won the national "2015 Sports" medal.

Zhong Xingping with the national team and the provincial team south Zhengbei war, has won a number of domestic and international competition champion. In order to promote her championship spirit, in 2016 Leping Town, Sanshui District invested over 7 million yuan to build a "Champion Park" next to Leping Avenue in the hope of demonstrating her pioneering spirit through modern art sculptures of this trampoline.