Amy, Follow, The Super Cheap Trampoline Releases Infinite Energy!

- Jan 31, 2018-


                     It is not only popular with children.

And a sense of balance,

The sense of space and the ability to coordinate all are good challenges

There's a chance here.


It can make you and your children come true

A happy hour of supper cheap trampoline

In Nanshan Yue trampoline Park

And the fare is 49.9


Is it very cost-effective

A small family package, but also buy one get one

Shenzhen Nanshan Park trampoline movement

Bid price: 49.9 yuan


Rush hour

November 7th 11:11-11 12 November 7th at 23:59

(to be sold out)



Trampoline park with a total area of 1500 square meters

Trampoline area has air blue, sponge pool, rock climbing

A balance rope, evade the ball, etc.

Feel the heaven in minutes!

Except let you spin ~ jump ~


There's a great trick to lift the roof together with you!

Feel the pleasure of pulling out of gravity

The super hi bounce party is waiting for you to get up

Professional coaching team, safe and safe

A whipping jump

There's no shyness and no restraint here

Only a joyful jump and a happy laugh

I believe that every boy who loves basketball has a dunk dream

With a trampoline, you can take off three.

Spongy area


Completely free of fear of water to swim.

One head is stuck in a soft pool

As if lying on the top of the cloud.

Too high rock climbing afraid of the child's injury?

Trampoline rock climbing allows you to let go!

A soft sponge pool designed for children

When the child is trying to go to the top

You can also relax "fall" ~

Use time

November 8, 2017 -2017 December 31st

(need to make an appointment)

Code time

Instant code (SMS)

No text messages were received within 30 minutes after payment

Please swim in donkey public number message or call the customer service 4006667060

Time of appointment

November 7, 2017 -2017 December 31st


(suggest an appointment as early as possible after receiving an appointment message.)

Long time: 1 hours

Business hours: 10:00-21:00

Address: 1 floor, badminton hall, South Mountain Science Park style center, No. 2, Qiong Yu Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen