After 90 Students Explode Indoor Fitness Trampoline

- Dec 15, 2017-

Last weekend, the Friends of the Unicom air plant trampoline organized single dating activities continue to heat up, Wuhan station successfully concluded, non-stop opening of the Chengdu station prologue, and perfect ending on Friday. It is reported that Chengdu station users to participate in the school-based students, and from Chengdu, Sichuan and several other colleges and universities. The end of a week of campus life, a trampoline friends carnival for the group of 90 college students played a prelude to the weekend, burst the indoor fitness trampoline.


The day started at about 8 am and the atmosphere had become more lively after the guests conducted a simple warm-up interaction under the leadership of the Air Plant Coach. This familiar personality, it is also the characteristics of nowadays 90. Coupled with the process does not set as traditional blind date stereotypes, so guests are more comfortable. In the game, the honored guests are even more free to team up in the field and actively participate in the challenge. The same day, the air factory trampoline hall Chengdu Branch special advantage of its open space advantages, well-designed tear brand name games. 20 guests a team competition, the scene is very exciting. It is worth mentioning that, although the tearing competition focuses on the skills and physical strength, but the final three players won two girls. Visible nowadays 90 after the women, do not mind the "female man", "Meng sister" like the label, in such social occasions, to be their own choice.


At half past nine, the activity ended in a laughter. Exit, many guests are also reluctant to leave. Air Factory Trampoline Hall Chengdu store as the venues for the event, not only provides a professional environment of high quality activities, but also provides full control over the field and the guidance of professional services. The guests were entertained in the evening and said they would invite their friends to visit again in the future.


Recently, there are frequent online dating activities, and continue to develop new forms of activity. Starting from the characteristics of 90 and their hobbies, set the stage for their life-long affairs advice. The cooperation with the air factory trampoline, it is also based on the current "fitness", "sports" fever more and more popular starting point. Now Wuhan station and Chengdu station has been the perfect ending, while the Beijing Railway Station is also officially open, log-in network app can learn about the application. Friends who love sports and like to make friends, let us meet next week in Beijing air factory trampoline.