A Variety Of Medium-sized Trampolines Bring New Entertainment

- Dec 21, 2017-

A variety of medium-sized trampolines bring new entertainment,Mango Dorna Trampoline Park features jumping zone, dodge zone, sponge foam zone, millions of ocean ball zone, the ultimate slam dunk area, the Olympic trampoline zone, pattern wall area, spider tower area, dynamic trampoline area, tire climbing Climbing area and more than 20 items. There is also a party box in the trampoline park. In addition to the rich trampoline and trampoline games, such as dodgeball, confrontation, dunk king, ninja challenge etc. , Can organize parties, but also organize interesting and creative games, is the perfect venue for undertaking mission.


Has won the "world championships in Hunan first gold medal", "National Trampoline Championships group champion" award-winning trampoline world champion Rodin was also invited to the opening ceremony of the scene for the Changsha residents brought a series of highly difficult professional trampoline performances. After the performance, Rodin also led his team to teach you some simple trampoline stunts in the field. Many children who participated in the seminar learned "sitting bomb" and "kneeling bomb" on the scene. Rodin hopes to change the entertainment style of Changsha citizens through the trampoline project to give Changsha a more enriching element of entertainment capital and give citizens more fresh entertainment and sports.


In addition to watching the world championship highlights, there are many dunk fans also come to the trampoline park to play their skills. A series of fancy dunk movements such as "single-arm hanging buckle", "double-handed dunking" and "big windmill dunking" make the audience dizzying and eager to try. Activities at the scene, as well as the dunk king tournament, handball tournament, ninja challenge, Trampoline King match, cushion run race and other fun activities held.