A Small Reporter Takes You Into The Cedar Rapids Trampoline Park

- Dec 13, 2017-

A small reporter takes you into the Cedar Rapids Trampoline Park

This is my first time attending a small press event! The teacher took us to the dome exercise experience hall. Put on the anti-slip socks, entered the trampoline experience venues .There are a lot of shooting area, trampoline area, climbing area. Coach explained some precautions, followed by a trainer demonstrated the trampoline Difficult moves: bouncing backflip, 360-degree spiral, altitude flip back. One more than a wonderful, see we clap clap!


After the coach let everyone free activities, we play very happy, we all shed a happy sweat.Today's small reporter activities really interesting! There are more activities waiting for us to participate in that! Trampoline is divided into small square, large rectangle, we jumped on the trampoline, coach came at this time, he performed a lot of actions for me, such as over the head, circle, and very high jump. The performance of the teacher let us shocked, the original trampoline can do this! I also want to try, so I tried the high jump, and then try long jump, I have a great time. I looked at the soft trampoline, and suddenly I thought if it would be too hard to fall into the ground, I carefully tried it again, but there was nothing at all. Later we left that place, and I had to play later.