A Fox On The Trampoline

- Mar 26, 2018-

According to the Daily Mail of March 20, on March 18, in the back garden of a family in the Brixton area of southeastern England, the owner photographed a fox on their child's trampoline with a mobile phone.

It was snowing just like a British company in 2016 to shoot the warm heart Christmas advertisement, "Boxer Dog", the ad has seen crying countless viewers.

It is reported that at that time this is called Heather ferreira-cole owner is doing housework, when she saw the fox in the backyard cheerful play in the behind-the-scenes quickly call their twin daughter to watch. The Fox is playing for a long time, looking very happy.

Heather said he had seen the fox in the yard before, except that it was small and accompanied by two other small foxes. She speculated that the fox was probably the only surviving three. Now, watching it play peacefully and happily in his yard, she felt very relieved and pleased.