A Carnival Of Friends On A Big Trampoline

- Feb 01, 2018-


The day began about 8, and with the air factory coach, the guests had a simple warm - up interaction, and the atmosphere had become lively. This kind of self - ripening character is also the characteristic of the post-90s. With the process of setting is not like the traditional blind date activities so formulaic, so that guests feel more comfortable. In the game, the guests can not see the free team in the field, and actively participate in the challenge. On the same day, the air factory big trampoline Chengdu shop with the advantage of its open space, carefully designed to tear famous brand games. The scene of the 20 guests is very exciting. It is worth mentioning that although tearing up a famous brand competition is exquisite in skill and physical strength, two of the three winners in the final win are girls. It can be seen that women in the post - 90s do not mind the label of "female Han" and "young woman". In such social situations, it is their choice to do themselves.


Around 9:30, the activity ended in a piece of laughter and laughter. When you leave, many guests were also unable to part. Air factory trampoline hall, Chengdu store, as the provider of the venue, not only provides a professional high quality activity environment, but also provides full field control and guidance professional services.  The guests that night and said the day after happiness within, will invite friends to visit again.

In the near future, there are frequent dating activities, and new forms of activities are constantly developed. Starting from the characteristics of 90 and their hobbies, put yourself in their marriage to give advice and suggestions. This time with the air factory trampoline hall, is also based on the current "fitness", "Sports" upsurge more and more popular starting point. WuHan Railway Station and Chengdu Railway Station are now perfect, and they are officially opened, and login to app can be learned. Friends who love sports and love to make friends, let's meet in the air factory trampoline in Beijing next week.