What standards should be provided for novel children's play equipment?

- Jun 16, 2020-

What standards should be provided for novel children's play equipment?

      Today, China's family structure determines the size of China's children's consumer market. Under the same conditions as the consumer population, China's child consumption index ranks among the highest in the world. Children’s entertainment consumption has been a hotspot of consumption in China in recent years. According to statistics from authoritative institutions: There are about 380 million children aged 0-8 in China, with a new birth population of more than 20 million each year. The average cost is 5,000 yuan per child per year. The size of this market is about 2 trillion yuan, and especially the liberalization of the two-child policy has made children's consumption more vigorous.

     Under such circumstances, the emergence of children's paradise has ignited a more vigorous fire in the development of the children's industry. However, while many investors have invested in the children’s playground industry, Chaoyang Amusement learned that professional children’s playgrounds can now throw off their peers a great distance, and the stereotyped model can no longer meet the changes in the market. The innovation of children's paradise is particularly important. So, what should the new children's play equipment look like? What standards should be met?

     To be innovative, there must be inputs that others cannot achieve. First of all, it needs to be tailored for users, scientifically matched to form the best solution, and created according to the emotional needs of children. A childlike and warm environment gives children more security.

     In addition, with the theme park as the core, it matches the career experience hall and puzzle training camp to cater for children's diverse play needs from different angles. Realized the analysis and insights of children’s and parents’ play process by child experts, providing personalized suggestions for the growth of children, so that every child in a professional children’s playground can learn knowledge through play.

     Don't follow the popular amusement equipment in the market, but create your own personalized gameplay according to your own customer positioning. This is very important. Introducing novel children's playground equipment and novel puzzle products to fully inspire children's creativity, imagination, hands-on ability, broaden children's horizons, comprehensively develop and develop children's abilities, let children learn and grow in fun, learn Enjoy a happy childhood in China, provide children with enough space for activity, combine dynamic and static, and create a relaxed and free psychological environment for children. This kind of play environment is not only loved by children, parents are more willing to entertain and entertain, and of course a constant source of customers.

     In addition, early childhood education is an industry that makes money all year round, and infant early childhood education is a good development in the industry. If it can cater to the current trend of early education needs, and has a diverse series of themes, create a safe, happy and relaxed baby In the early childhood education environment, children are bound to flock.

     When investing in market research or choosing projects, many investors tend to rush up and down, arguing that this can ensure the market's popularity and income. In fact, more similar projects seem to have less risk, but they may not be true. There will be big gains, and the psychology of consumers should be grasped in the operation to realize that "no one has me, others have me", and the market will give a satisfactory answer.