What are the benefits of trampoline?

- Oct 22, 2020-

Trampoline is not only a fitness activity, but also an amazing entertainment. People's nature is to yearn for flying, it is also many people's best childhood memories, so trampoline sports have enough to let children away from the sofa and computer charm. Trampoline Park meets the sports and entertainment needs of people of different ages, and trampoline is a comprehensive sports project integrating sports, leisure and entertainment.

Preventing or reducing obesity symptoms

In many ways to lose weight, physical exercise is undoubtedly the most effective, because when the human body exercise and reach a certain intensity, fat will be burned into heat, through sweat out of the body, so as to play a role in weight loss. The data show that 10 minutes of jumping is equivalent to half an hour of jogging calories. And compared with the action on the concrete floor, the impact on the limbs, especially joints, on the trampoline can be reduced by 80%. Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise is helpful to promote metabolism, improve fat oxidation, prevent and reduce obesity symptoms.

Strengthen physique and prevent disease

A large range of trampoline jumping can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids. Trampoline can prevent and reduce diseases. Such as lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, preventing kidney stones, enhancing cardiopulmonary function, balancing blood pressure, improving body coordination, which is conducive to sleep, improving the functional level of central nervous system, circulatory system and digestive system.

Improve the function of human body movement system and promote growth and development.

It can improve the fracture resistance, bending resistance, compression resistance and torsion resistance of human skeleton.

When you don't exercise for a long time, your muscles will gradually atrophy and your bone density will decrease. On the contrary, when the gravity of jumping on the jumping surface increases, both bone density and muscle strength increase.

Improve the range of joint movement, stability and flexibility, prevent and reduce daily injury accidents

Improve human body coordination, sense of rhythm, symmetry, rhythm, balance and movement accuracy.

Improve strength quality, muscle explosive force and endurance, and enhance muscle elasticity.

Trampoline can improve children's attention to learning.

Getting children to participate in sports can help them concentrate on their studies. After taking part in sports activities, children's attention will be more focused and their academic performance will be improved.


The human body secretes a large number of metabolites every day, and a variety of toxins are also produced. The skin is responsible for the task of sweating, and trampoline can achieve the above effect. Bouncing on the trampoline stimulates the free flowing lymphatic detoxification system, helping to eliminate toxins, trapped proteins, bacteria, viruses and other cellular waste. Sweating can clean pores and even achieve the effect of beauty and skin care.

Trampoline can improve parent-child relationship.

Now most of the children start to play with mobile phones or iPad and other electronic products under the bad guidance of their parents. Parents do not really communicate and understand with their children. After a long time, they will have a certain estrangement with their children. Therefore, taking part in trampoline can not only change bad habits, but also promote and improve parent-child relationship and make the family harmonious.