Trampoline park marketing commonly used promotional programs

- Nov 24, 2020-

The main purpose of the trampoline Park marketing campaign:

Enhance the image of the park

To improve the popularity of the park

Improve the park's short-term turnover

There are many ways of marketing, whether the desired effect can be achieved, and whether the marketing goals match has something to do with it.

1. Gifts: Trampoline park USES gifts for marketing activities, so the choice of gifts is very important. Trampoline brand, style and quality should be reflected, so as to avoid the aversion of consumers caused by low-value gifts and the influence of uncreative gifts on brand impression.

2. Lucky draw: This way is the fastest marketing plan to see the effect of marketing, can quickly accumulate popularity. This exciting lucky draw will enhance consumers' understanding and interest in the park when added to the advertisement; But may also make the vast number of players without awards, a sense of loss.

3. Test play experience: This marketing method costs a lot, so the number of players and the target players must be controlled when doing activities. Under normal circumstances, there will be few negative effects, unless the amusement projects in the park are not interesting.

4. Competition: Strong practical operation, unlike lucky draw, need to combine intelligence, physical strength, skills, so that people can not get something without effort, marketing activities in the form of competition is more meaningful, and the release of the competition can enhance the breadth of the trampoline park. Such as naming contest, can quickly increase the brand awareness and people's understanding of the trampoline park.

5. Continuation purchase reward: Loyal fans in the park will continue to consume even without the continuation purchase reward, but people generally prefer immediate return, so it is not necessarily better than the effect of advertising to maintain the loyalty of players to the brand with continuation purchase reward. But trampoline parks can use this method to help with marketing when promoting their brand image.

6. Value-added services: They are add-ons that contemporary consumers like and pursue and can be well used. The activities in the beginning of the opening of the park can fully attract consumers, can attract fans, and then with advertising to stimulate consumers' desire to play.

7. Gift vouchers: They tend to be high-end, so be nobler in design and better in print. Adding a gift certificate to the AD works well and can stimulate the customer to come to the store.

8. Complimentary: the impression of the brand, corporate image has good improvement effect, and also has positive energy, such as culture, entertainment and health implications, but with brand advertising at the same time, will not have a negative impact, so the complimentary gift players on marketing way, to enhance the player's loyalty, to the effect of short-term sales promotion.

9. Coupon: A common marketing method will affect the brand image of the park. In this way, the negative effects should be minimized by starting from the specific target and the value of the coupon itself. Focus on places that will raise awareness of the trampoline park brand, such as magazines.