Trampoline Park marketing strategy

- Dec 02, 2020-

Trampoline theme park is an emerging hot industry and a popular item of entertainment for young people. However, no matter how popular the item is, it needs business strategy to operate for a long time. The following is a detailed analysis of the marketing strategy of indoor trampoline theme park:

The name of trampoline theme park

Just as a person must have a name, an amusement park needs a name that is psychologically close to its target audience and easy to remember. The name of the trampoline park as far as possible personality easy to remember, in line with the youth, dynamic, vitality to leave an impression on everyone.

Trampoline theme park promotion

There are many ways of marketing and promotion for trampoline theme parks, but not all of them are adopted. According to the actual situation, we should choose the right way of publicity for our venues.

1. Give out balloons for free.

The trampoline paradise name, address and other information printed on the balloon, in the commercial busy zone to send, will be good results. In addition, eye-catching signs should be installed in the underground shopping malls to guide customers to the playground.

2. Distribute leaflets and brochures.

Leaflets and brochures shall be printed and distributed in the vicinity of schools and communities, shopping malls and communities on weekends and in the vicinity of amusement parks.

3. Make billboards and leaflets.

Billboards will be placed at the entrance, front desk or in a prominent place. Considering that indoor trampoline-themed cartoons are located on the lower level, a large billboard can be set up on the upper level, and it is better to have a guide sign at the intersection.

4. Report promotion.

Trampoline theme parks can try newspaper page ads, low cost, the effect can also be monitored. As a result of a single page to play a small role, it is recommended to change to two fold promotion; The appearance is designed into a beautiful beauty model, the content is the introduction of indoor trampoline park and business philosophy, as well as a theme activity every month and other operation mode, highlighting the difference of the park, to the people who come into contact with a deep impression. In the promotion and publicity, the residential areas with more young residents and children gathering will be selected for promotion.


5. Cooperative advertising exchange.

Cooperate with kindergartens, training institutions and companies to replace advertisements. Put the promotional materials of partners on the cashier desk, and customers can give a piece of materials for their reference when they check out. Put relevant materials on the cashier desk of the cooperative merchant, so that customers can naturally improve the popularity of our store when they spend money in the trampoline theme park.

6. Text in groups.

Send monthly theme events and recent promotions to mobile customers. These customers may not necessarily show up at the store, but may refer relatives and friends to an indoor trampoline park. Text messages are cheap and can be sent in groups using software, making them much cheaper than flyers or newspaper ads.

Promotions in trampoline theme parks

1. Set up a free zone

At the beginning of its opening, the trampoline theme park can set up a certain "free zone", where visitors will be interested after playing in the free zone to promote consumption of other facilities, and customers can also be given vouchers to guide their next consumption. At the same time, package tickets (bundled sales of some amusement facilities), monthly pass and other preferential ways can be adopted for promotion, and group discounts can also be set for some facilities.

2. Give cute toy gifts

At the end of the trip to the trampoline theme park, send a bottle of drink, or an ice cream, balloon, small toys, etc., to leave a good impression on customers, which is conducive to the planned return of the passenger flow, bringing recycling income.