Trampoline classification

- Jan 22, 2021-

   1. Classified by purpose

    Competitive trampoline: This type of trampoline has stricter requirements for the quality and use of the product. Therefore, it is usually not used when people are playing or leisure, and it is generally used under the premise of having a certain level of trampoline.

    Recreational trampoline: Perhaps recreational trampolines are now more common. In fact, the main purpose of trampoline parks now is to exercise in entertainment.

    Acrobatic trampoline: In fact, the first use of trampoline was acrobatics. Acrobats perfectly demonstrated the use of trampoline through acrobatic performances.

    2. Classified by place of use

    Outdoor trampoline: The cool outdoor parkour sport has been very popular in the past few years. Now you can make parkour more exciting with the help of trampoline.

    Indoor trampoline: The indoor trampoline project is now the store that investors choose to join. Because indoor trampolines have more obvious advantages over outdoor, for example, when decorating and purchasing equipment, it is better to consider the environment in the venue. In addition, it protects the players from the wind and rain, so they can have fun under any circumstances.


  3. Classified according to specifications

     Large trampoline park: The large trampoline park is mainly used in some large shopping malls or around the community, mainly for investment and profit.

     Small mini trampoline: Such a trampoline with a relatively small footprint is usually used as a single trampoline in the home and gym. It is convenient to shrink and does not take up space.

     Therefore, based on the above, it seems that trampoline is not just a jumping sport, it actually plays a very important role in people’s lives, adding more fun to people’s lives. Nowadays, trampoline parks are becoming more and more popular.