The advent of the climbing wall has made rock climbing a sport and entertainment

- Apr 03, 2020-

The advent of the climbing wall has made rock climbing a sport and entertainment

Climbing body requirements

Climbing sports have lower requirements for athletes' physical shape than basketball, volleyball, throwing, etc., but they also have their own obvious characteristics. In climbing competitions, when the span between fulcrums is large, the height and arm length will have a clear advantage. In addition, body weight can reflect the fullness of the body to a certain extent. Excessive weight will directly destroy the flexibility of climbing, increase the inertia of the body and various parts, thereby reducing the ability of muscle contraction. Therefore, rock climbers must have a corresponding weight proportional to their height in order to achieve a multiplier effect. Rock climber's weight = (height minus 110) × 90%.

Thrilling excitement is the fundamental characteristic of rock climbing, and it can fully satisfy people ’s desire to return to nature, seek stimulation, challenge nature and challenge themselves. This is the root of its popularity.

The emergence of climbing wall has made climbing a sport and entertainment. In foreign countries, various climbing clubs can be seen everywhere, and various large-scale, small, indoor, outdoor, adult, young people, men, women and other rock climbing competitions and entertainment activities are held every year. In addition, such training has also been carried out in some sports centers, military and police training bases, and some special forces.

Since climbing the mountain has few opportunities for ordinary people, and there are relatively more opportunities to climb the cliffs, and it is more exciting and challenging, rock climbing as an independent sport loved by the majority of young people has quickly spread throughout the world Come. This sport uses human's primitive climbing instinct, with various equipment as safety protection, to climb some rocky cliffs, cracks, sea erosion, boulders and artificially made rock walls. Because climbers are stable like geckos and eagles on the rock face, it is a very aesthetic and ornamental sport, known as "Rock Ballet".

"Will be Ling Ling to the top, a glance at the mountains". Rock climbing has attracted countless fans with its unique sense of conquering the heights. Rock climbing is a new project derived from mountaineering, and it is also a competitive sport in mountaineering. It integrates fitness, entertainment, and competition. It requires athletes to be brave and tenacious, persevering and enterprising spirit, but also needs to have good flexibility, rhythm and climbing skills, so that they can be skillful at different heights and different angles. Thrilling movements such as body movement, turning, jumping, and pull-up can be done easily and accurately on the steep rock wall, giving people a beautiful, smooth, exciting, and powerful feeling.