The advantages of legislation the pleasure trampoline

- Oct 27, 2016-

Smooth non-toxic, odor-free, harmless high-grade mats, widely used both as toys for children, but also as ornaments, with beautiful, light, not wrinkled, not open, wearable, durable, environmentally friendly antistatic , Antibacterial. This product is made of imported PVC, high density and high resilience soft material, colorful, smooth and soft, easy to break, good elasticity, safe and durable, high resilience, good toughness and strong tensile strength. Soft, sound-absorbing, shock-absorbing. Double-sided can be used (also can make two-color), a certain slip effect, effectively blocking the ground cold. Therefore, this kind of elastic safety mat provides a perfect suction efficiency, comfortable and durable, easy maintenance,

◆ Cleaning: Because of the surface of high-level anti-bacterial thick PVC fabric, a certain self-cleaning effect, do not need frequent cleaning. (This fabric used in high-end purses, luggage, toys, etc.) are not afraid of water, water will not penetrate into the mat inside, dirty cloth can be scrubbed.