What new technologies do children's playgrounds need?

- Mar 08, 2021-

New types of children’s  amusement parks are becoming more and more popular. With the development of technology, what new technologies are needed in amusement parks to bring travelers a better play experience?

Digitization-At present, the digitization and smart construction of many scenic spots are continuously accelerating. Using digitization to enhance the experience of tourists can better serve consumers. At present, the scenic area urgently needs to carry out a "scene innovation" for the most common pain points such as queuing, waiting, and slow information acquisition, and the digital upgrade of the scenic area has emerged as the times require.

Digital management: online reservations, face-to-face entry, and online broadcasting of attractions introductions... These new smart tourism services are becoming the "standard" in more and more scenic spots, bringing better travel experience to tourists. At present, many scenic spots are relatively mature in online exploration before playing, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in digital transformation after tourists enter the scenic spot. Inquiries about play routes, food problems during peak hours, and queues for play items, these experience pain points may be alleviated through digital methods.

Immersive experience-"Deep immersion" experience can bring new features such as high reimbursement, high sociality, high viscosity, and high personalization to the scenic area. It can not only provide brand-new scenic experience content, but also bring the scenic tourism pattern Change. The immersive experience is not only brought by a certain project in the scenic spot, but can even cover all the content. From the major elements of the scenic APP development, travel, entertainment, travel, shopping, housing, etc., it can reflect the immersive characteristics. Of course The most prominent are the immersive performing arts and immersive night tours.