So how do you use trampolines?

- Oct 27, 2016-

1, by the sparring and children sit on the trampoline, the use of the trampoline's flexibility to the body for the support of the upper and lower shaking.

2, the spring trampoline For not dare to go up to the child, in order to reduce his fear, began by parents or teachers carrying children in the trampoline jump above.

3, let the child on the trampoline on the prone position by the sparring stand jumping, the child bounce, let the children experience the feeling of trampolines and downs.

4, let the child prone on the trampoline, head and neck forced lift, chest elevation as far as possible, can strengthen the feeling of the vestibular system, and promote the formation of body muscle proprioception.

5, let the children on the trampoline on the free jump, or hold the ball on the trampoline with both hands jump, or with the instructor to do the game throwing the ball.

6, let the children jump on the side of the trampoline, while the ball into the hands of the specified basket.