Small details increase the passenger flow of the amusement equipment field and make you more profitable

- Jul 31, 2020-

Small details increase the passenger flow of the amusement equipment field and make you more profitable

      As the end of the year comes and the winter vacation is coming, parents begin to make more plans for their children. In addition to learning, going to the playground for the holidays is undoubtedly an important plan for the children. Parents and mothers visit the park and play My favorite amusement equipment is at ease and carefree. It can be said that it is also a good time for amusement equipment operators. So, how can we seize this marketing season and increase the passenger flow of the playground?

    1. Highlight the unique characteristics of their own playground equipment, so that tourists have the feeling of "shining in front of them" and think that this playground has a good environment and can come here for long-term sightseeing. The operator should be mainly tourists, so that tourists think that they are here to enjoy life, so first of all, hygiene and environment are very important. 

    2. Pay attention to the layout and adjustment of equipment, and adjust the equipment on site, including equipment partitions. The equipment should be repaired at any time and any place. That is to say, technicians should frequently check some points with relatively high equipment failure rates during daily patrol work. At the same time, it is necessary to periodically overhaul the equipment, establish a periodic overhaul system, do a good job of equipment overhaul records, and avoid the phenomenon of blundering and blame.  

   3. You can arrange some sweets or small gifts. After the children have fun, parents can pay as gifts or souvenirs, or increase the discount to get the favor of the parents, while attracting children to extend the game time.

   4. The choice of amusement equipment: It is very important to choose some creative amusement equipment. Good equipment can not only increase the curiosity of children but also increase the popularity of the playground.

   5. Don't increase the maintenance cost and maintenance time of amusement equipment. It is very important to carry out daily maintenance on the machine. It can solve the problems affecting the performance of the equipment in time and is the most effective measure to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, doing a good job of supervision and management is also a very important link. In the equipment maintenance work, it is necessary to do: work with layout, layout with inspection, inspection with evaluation, evaluation with rewards and punishments, rules must be followed, violations must be investigated, so that the goal is in place . Based on the relevant revenue and equipment data to evaluate the operation of the equipment, we decided to increase or decrease the equipment and put forward a proposal.

6. In addition, the amusement park is also very important for the training of employees. Confucius said, "It's fun to have friends come from afar." To keep the enthusiasm of the tourists, the tourists feel that the big family of playgrounds is very harmonious and beautiful. Of course, the training is also to improve the service attitude and quality of employees, so that the playground can win more customers.