Safety of commercial trampoline

- Oct 27, 2016-

Commercial trampoline This device is composed of a number of one end connected to the fixed support, the other end connected to the elastic mesh and constitute the mechanical equipment. Trampoline is not only an Olympic sport, but also a favorite game for most children. Regular trampoline can promote the development of skeletal muscles and the growth of children, but because of the equipment itself and the mode of exercise, the trampoline itself has some safety

2, in order to ensure the safety of athletes and entertainers, the safety performance of trampolines is very necessary.

1, put forward reasonable assumptions, and the establishment of appropriate mathematical model, according to the model lists the kinematics equation. The assumptions required by the topic include simplifying the model to a spring-vibrator system (the number of springs is denoted by N), taking the commercial trampoline elastic mesh as a particle, assuming that the mass falls to a certain height every time, The gravity of the human body, the height of the drop, the stiffness and bearing capacity of the spring, the distance between the trampoline and the ground, the parameters from the

2, Under different parameters, the motion of the system is analyzed.

3, taking into account the safety of personnel, analysis of the system under what conditions can allow personnel to safe movement.

4, for your proposed security conditions for feasibility analysis and evaluation.