Preparation for running a trampoline park

- Dec 29, 2020-

The number of children is increasing these days, which is definitely a huge business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs are involved in child-related industries, especially indoor trampoline parks for children. However, some entrepreneurs are first-time entrepreneurs and have little experience in how to run parks. So, what should indoor children's amusement park pay attention to?

Investment budget analysis

First of all, after deciding to do this project, we must first investigate the market, because indoor children trampoline park is not to open the bigger the better, but according to the development of the local market, their own funds, consumer spending power and so on a comprehensive decision. If rushed operation of a large area of the park, it is likely to exceed the range of the market, leading to high consumption, so that no consumers to the park for entertainment consumption, causing business risks.

Site selection

The location of the store in the indoor trampoline park for children is the key to the park's profitability. Good location can bring more traffic to the trampoline park, should consider when choosing address so the local traffic, proportion of target customers, traffic conditions, customer stability problem, but also pay attention to the location of the rent, to qualify for their own profit target, high rents will greatly reduce profits, even lose money.


As an indoor children's park, our main target customers are children from 0 to 13 years old, so in order to have more customer flow in the park, we need to attract children in the decoration, let the children see the park will have a strong interest and browse the store, only the children into the store can have the possibility of consumption. It should be noted that, when choosing decoration materials, we must choose non-toxic and tasteless materials to ensure the safety of the children in the park. If there is a safety accident, it will have a serious impact on the operation of indoor children trampoline park.

Management of maintenance

To indoor children's paradise can survive for long, should be strict with park in the staff attentively service for children and parents, must be happy joyful work, such ability infected children playing in the park, for they also bring the joyful mood, and often organize children activities promote children's teamwork and interpersonal communication ability, improve the liking children and parents, build a good reputation for the park. In this way, we can get more customers and increase the turnover of the park.