What should people pay attention to when they go to trampoline park for the first time?

- Oct 26, 2020-

Trampoline, as one of the Olympic Games, is a safe and aerobic exercise experience integrating safety, fitness, leisure, entertainment and social interaction! Comprehensive fitness, stress relief, parent-child, development in one, is a suitable for 3-60 years old people's activities. So what should people pay attention to when they go to trampoline park for the first time? Read the following carefully to play trampoline :


1. Children under 3 years old are not allowed to enter. Children under 12 years old need to be accompanied by adults.

2. People who are drunk and have diseases are not allowed to participate in this sport.

3. For the sake of safety, people who weigh more than 120 kg per person are not allowed to enter.

Admission preparation:

1.Before admission, please pay attention to the safety tips, understand the relevant precautions, carefully read the admission instructions, and sign for confirmation.

2. 10-15 minutes of warm-up exercise is required before admission. The key parts are ankle, waist, neck, wrist and various joints. The coach will lead the warm-up exercise.

3. You need to wear professional trampoline antiskid socks when entering the stadium. You can bring it by yourself or buy it in trampoline park.

4. It is not allowed to carry fragile articles, all kinds of containers, bats, sticks and other similar items and valuables to avoid property loss and physical injury. They can be stored in the lockers.

5. Before entering the trampoline area, please remove jewelry, necklaces, earrings and other foreign matters; do not leave long nails or wear glasses; girls need to tie their hair with rubber bands (do not use hairpins), so as not to hurt themselves in the process of sports.

6. It is recommended to wear long trousers and long sleeve top to avoid abrasion.

7. Food and water are not allowed to be brought into the stadium. They can be drunk in the rest area.

Sports safety:

1. When you enter the sports area, you are not allowed to chase, play, push and pull, hit people, and do not continuously cross one or more jumping surfaces.

2. Each trampoline is limited to one person. Try to experience it in turn when there is no one on the trampoline. Several people jump at the same time, the most dangerous.

3. Before entering the sponge pool, it is necessary to confirm whether there are people in the pool, especially children. They can only enter after the other party gets ashore. Otherwise, it is easy to hit or be hit by others.

4. To enter the rock climbing, it is required to obtain the consent of the staff and take safety protection measures. It is not allowed to provide protection measures by non staff arbitrarily.

5. Non professional personnel are not allowed to carry out dangerous and difficult movements in the field, such as: front somersault, back somersault, rotation, etc.

6. It is not allowed to try unsafe activities without authorization, such as throwing others into sponge pool, jumping into sponge pool at non designated height, etc., especially beginners who are prone to sprain waist and ankle.

7. When the body loses balance, please protect your wrist, ankle and waist. Within the predictable range, try to contact the net surface with your buttocks and back. It is absolutely forbidden to support the net surface with your hands. When you jump up and fall, avoid landing on your knees, which is easy to hurt your waist; if you do not have professional training, you should not be too high when practicing trampoline.

8. When children are practicing trampoline, parents or guardians should not leave around the trampoline to prevent their children from getting lost after getting off the trampoline.

9. We must strictly abide by the rules of each area, obey the command of the staff in the bed area, and listen to the dissuasion. If you have serious violations of the safety rules, the staff will ask you to go out.