What should we pay attention to in trampoline?

- Nov 13, 2020-

Because jumping consumes a lot of energy and heat, it can eliminate excess fat and exercise at the same time, so now people like to play trampoline and enjoy the pleasure of leaping in the process of jumping. So, what should we pay attention to in trampoline?

Trampoline fitness to avoid wearing bracelets, rings and other accessories, because it is easy to fall off when jumping, once accidentally stepped on, the consequences are equally serious.

The correct protective posture is: when you feel that you are going to fall, you'd better cross your hands to hold your chest, and catch the net with your back or buttocks. In this way, the worst case will be skin injury.

After some friends adapt to the rhythm of jumping, they start to try to jump to high places and perform somersaults to their friends. Once you fall down at this time, if you don't have the right protective posture, it's easy to sprain and even fracture.

It is very dangerous for two people to hit the bed with one bullet. If someone falls off balance and bumps into other people, their skin will be bruised and even easy to fall and fall.

Trampoline exercise will be more intense, in addition to poor physical condition, pregnant or postpartum are not recommended to operate such exercise; or whether congenital, acquired knee injury is not suitable for people.