Introduce several outdoor theme parks popular with children

- Nov 30, 2020-

Animal Theme

Children's love for various animal images comes from their natural curiosity. Cute animal images have been extended to various fields, such as dolls, mascots, film and television images.Therefore, the integration of animal elements into outdoor children's paradise and the creation of an animal theme park will have a huge audience, and the extended amusement park scene is also vivid and colorful. All kinds of animal shaped amusement facilities are enough to attract children's attention. At the same time, combined with all kinds of non powered facilities, such an amusement park will definitely gain favorable comments.

Automobile theme

Automobile is a mature and complete industrial product category with a complete system. The elements it covers have a natural attraction for children. This can be seen from the fact that everyone was keen on a toy car in childhood. In the face of such a natural, wide audience of theme elements, the construction of an amusement park is also a matter of course. Using automobile elements to create an outdoor paradise, the most common is the participation of tires. The swing, climbing frame, fence, etc. made of tires, combined with bright and bright colors, is an ideal scene for children.

Fairy tale theme

There are mythology or fairy tale elements in both the East and the West. These elements are actually the classics of amusement parks, but for children's paradise, they are still the most appropriate theme elements, such as castles and villains in Western fairy tales, vivid legends in Eastern fairy tales, etc. children groups have sufficient curiosity about this, once they have an immersive experience environment, For them, it is the best, so you can see that the best theme park in the industry is Disney with mature IP, and its development value is extremely long-term.