What is outdoor non-standard playground equipment

- Oct 27, 2020-

Outdoor non-standard playground equipment is a kind of new development in the entertainment industry in recent years.The name of basic unpowered amusement equipment. 

Because of its unique personalized products, this kind of amusement equipment is different from the previous standardized splicing products. It is designed, developed and manufactured according to the scene. The non-standard amusement equipment is a kind of landscape playgound equipment with the artistic technique of sculpture and the amusement function.

Outdoor non-standard playground equipment is the assembly of personalized amusement products, including non-standard combination slide, non-standard combination swing, non-standard seesaw, non-standard sports equipment, non-standard vocal music percussion equipment, non-standard rock climbing and other non-standard playground equipment. Outdoor non-standard playground equipment is mainly used in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, public fitness places, various activity centers, residential areas, real estate, parks, squares, hotels, courtyard trails and other fields.

In recent years, due to people's increasingly high pursuit of quality of life, the demand for entertainment equipment is also more personalized, customized different styles, making outdoor non-standard amusement equipment stand out.

Outdoor non-standard playground equipment manufacturers guide and meet the needs of the market, with the artistic means of sculpture, to achieve amusement.The function can not only bring basic amusement actions such as climbing, climbing, sliding, walking, running and drilling, but also bring tourists the pursuit of beauty in the unique place.