What are the options for children's play in the community?

- Dec 16, 2020-

At present, children's recreation projects have a very broad scope, and there are a lot of children's recreation projects matching it in such site environment as community. Unpowered amusement is a good choice: more complete, more pure, more outdoor atmosphere!

"Building blocks" style community park

Blocks, rubik's cube and so on are more popular elements among children, when the hand of the toy into a real paradise, bring more than a surprise? On the whole, the bright colors are full of vitality, which is very matching with the lively and active children, making the overall atmosphere of the community space more positive. On the other hand, all kinds of small and medium-sized unpowered amusement equipment are put in the park, and the style is unified and harmonious. In this "building block" style of small park, they can be happy at home and in the community.

"Sand and water" exclusive space for children

Children's "love of water" and "love of sand" are naturally caused by nature. These two elements happen to be relatively pure natural elements, which will have a lot of enhancing effects on the environmental atmosphere of the community, more natural atmosphere, more livable atmosphere. Speaking of such a community park with sand and water, I am afraid that the most important thing to solve is safety and health issues, not to let children in the process of playing too many adverse factors affected.

Will play water play sand area separated, and the entire field is used very environmental protection and health of rubber material to make, the rest of the room is equipped with all kinds of small and medium sized amusement equipment, the amusement area be organic together, children can enjoy fully here unpowered amusement to bring joy, such recreation environment within the community environment is ideal, in the later time will be more and more popular.