The operation model of the naughty castle

- Jan 10, 2021-

Naughty castle is a common children's park in many cities, investors in the operation of naughty castle, will be very concerned about the views of children's parents of naughty castle park, such as decoration color, such as the environment, such as the safety of children's facilities, etc., why investors will care about the views of parents? Mainly because parents are the decision makers of consumption, so the preparation and operation of the naughty castle children's park not only to be loved by children, but also to meet the needs of parents. Naughty Castle operators can do this to integrate parents into the Naughty Castle and enjoy parent-child time with their children.

The naughty castle as far as possible to set up a parent-child activity space

Many parents work at ordinary times busy, rarely with their children, or have a rest at home children rarely play games at the same time with parents, so naughty castle added such a region, is the ability to increase the participation of parents, the parents to the child "communication", "interactive", "participation" requirement, want to keep a fixed customer, there is a parent space for long-term operation are very helpful when naughty castle.

Through the warm layout of the rest area, the consumption time of parents can be improved

Many Naughty Castle investors during the operation of Naughty Castle think that the rest area is just a few stools or chairs, the experience is still in the children's play area, this idea is completely wrong, if the Naughty Castle rest area is boring, old equipment, the child's parents may stay for a while to leave. If the Naughty Castle lounge is well decorated, with a comfortable resting environment, free hot tea, and books to kill time, parents may feel that time is not so long, unconsciously can stay for a long time. This area can also be derived from a variety of profit projects, is also a business model.

Organize some activities during holidays to increase the stickiness with parents

Parents will accompany their children during holidays. If we cooperate with some activities to make parents and children have a more interesting time, it will also increase parents' trust and word-of-mouth publicity between parents. After all, adults also need to be accompanied by friends, and friends can also play together.