How can trampoline park achieve multi-channel profit

- Dec 22, 2020-

Many trampoline facilities today are indeed very advanced, and more and more people like to go to trampoline parks. This sport not only brings us the feeling of pleasure and comfort, but also brings us the challenge. Secondly, trampoline exercise is beneficial to all aspects of the body. It helps you lose weight, exercise your heart and lungs, and build overall muscle coordination.

Of course, trampoline park investors can arrange some ancillary business in the operation of the venue in order to provide visitors with a more varied experience.

Nail salons

Part of the trampoline park can be used as a nail salon. Why would it be a nail salon? The main reason is that girls love to be pretty. In fact, even if women are visiting a trampoline park, they want to be dignified. And manicures are a great way to kill time.

Drink shop

It is inevitable to drink water while playing, so the beverage store must be the indispensable shop in the trampoline Park. Trampoline Park investors can introduce some popular flavor milk tea and popular beverages. As long as the operation, I believe also can get good earnings.

Snack shop

Light meals and snacks are also needed by everyone, as the indoor trampoline admission is a one-time purchase and does not include catering costs. Therefore, if the player wants to eat, they need to eat outside the pavilion or after the pavilion. This, to some extent, affects the players' play experience. As a result, investors can set up snack shops inside the trampoline park, where players can eat whatever they want and play from morning until closing time.