What should we pay attention to when installing amusement park equipment?

- Jan 05, 2021-

With the increasing number of amusement parks for children, the safety of children when playing amusement equipment has become the focus, and the installation of equipment is directly related to the play experience and personal safety of children. Therefore, the following aspects should be paid attention to when installing equipment for children's amusement park.

In the installation of equipment in the park, it is necessary to install in strict accordance with the design drawings, but also flexible according to the actual situation. Children's Park is a customized product. All amusement equipment is produced and installed according to the design renderings. How the amusement equipment is placed, how far apart the various amusement equipment is, etc., are fixed on the design drawing. Therefore, if the design drawing is confirmed correctly, the installation process of children's amusement equipment should strictly follow the drawing. However, we need to pay attention to the fact that it is impossible for the designer to cover all aspects in the design and there may be some negligence. At this time should be flexible, according to the actual situation of the site to make reasonable changes.

In the installation process of children amusement park equipment, we should not only ensure the normal operation of each amusement equipment, but also pay attention to the overall safety and robustness. During installation, the fasteners such as screws must be tightened, the connecting parts between the two amusement equipment must be tightened, and the bracket built by galvanized steel pipe must also be fixed. Once installed, you can go over it to see if there are any omissions. The best way is to experience all the amusement equipment one by one and repair the unstable places in time to avoid safety accidents in the future.

Children's sense of self-protection is very weak, one careless will knock, touch or scratch the skin. Therefore, when installing, be sure to wrap up the hard or sharp parts of the amusement equipment so that the child will not get hurt.

In the installation process of children's park, there will inevitably be gaps between the two amusement equipment, between the amusement equipment and the wall, between the amusement equipment and the bracket. If the gap is too large, the child can easily fall into the gap and get stuck while playing. Accordingly, must avoid to appear too wide aperture.

Protective net is an indispensable safety barrier in children's amusement park. On the second floor and above the platform, the devil slide side, around the trampoline and so on, these positions need to install the protection net. Therefore, in the installation process must not omit, at the same time, also want to ensure its firmness and safety.

If the amusement equipment is not properly installed or not securely installed, it is easy to have faults or accidents, which will not only discourage children's interest in playing, but also threaten their personal safety. Therefore, in the children amusement park equipment installation of this problem, must not be careless, perfunctory, must strictly check.

In addition, it is also important to check after installation. The operator should check the amusement park as a whole to see if all amusement equipment is installed correctly, to see if all amusement equipment is safe and firm, and to see if there are any sharp objects left in the playground.