Common indoor climbing projects

- Mar 15, 2021-

Climbing is a sport that almost all children like very much when they are young. Starting from the ability to climb, as long as they can climb, they will try. Climbing has many benefits to children's physical and mental growth. It is also a standard item in the children's playground/trampoline park. What are the common indoor climbing items? Let's find out together.

The benefits of climbing for children's growth

 Meet the children's play needs and adventure needs. Climbing is a physical manifestation of a child's eagerness to know the world, and a child's exploration of the mysterious world. However, the need for adventure is innate to people, especially children, who know and recognize the world in a variety of ways.

 Promote children's physical coordination. Climbing helps to improve the coordination of children's hands, feet, eyes, and body. From the moment the child chooses to climb up, in order to continue climbing, the child must pay attention to the places that need to be grasped in front, the places that need to be stepped on under the feet, and the route that the next step can take, so this is a combination of body and mind and requires height. A training with intensity coordination is of great help to children's physical coordination training.

 Stimulate children's exploration ability. When the child is climbing up, he has to think about where I should go next is safe, the range and distance I can bear, so it will stimulate the child's own exploration ability. And climbing to a certain height, the perspective that the child sees is different from the perspective he usually sees, which also helps the child to recognize and adapt to the new environment.

 Contribute to the concentration of children's attention. When the child is on the climbing frame, he leaves the ground and his hands and feet are attached to the climbing frame. Whether he is moving forward or retreating, he will concentrate, he needs to concentrate, grasp and step, and he needs to concentrate and think How to take a step requires concentration, stepping and grasping, so climbing helps children concentrate.

Help enhance children's self-confidence. When climbing, it not only tests the child's endurance, but also makes people more confident. Every successful climb to the top is a new beginning and a sense of accomplishment, so as to better face life.

What are the common indoor climbing projects?

Rainbow crawling. The entire design style of Rainbow Crawl is very diverse, and the colors are more vivid. The size and specifications are all customized according to the size of the entire venue. The common rainbow crawling net in the market is not only beautiful in shape, but also includes various colorful caves, bird's nest, city in the sky and so on. At the same time, it also increases the interactive fun of the players, allowing players to jump and climb on the rainbow crawler, and zip along the slope on the entire rainbow crawler, which is one of the more popular projects in the children's playground/trampoline park.

Rainbow ladder. The rainbow ladder is a mixed combination of multiple colors, and has a soft bag as the bottom protective layer. It is common to use the street stairs on the first and second floors or the devil's slide to replace the role of the stairs. The difficulty of the whole climbing project is also relatively large.

Indoor rock climbing. The indoor rock climbing project designed in the trampoline park/children's playground is to enhance the challenger's arm ability, leg muscle strength and endurance through the combination of the entire process of climbing upwards. Simulates the 3D scene of mountaineering, while also ensuring the safety of the entire process.

Expand climbing frame. Expansion projects for climbing projects highlight the characteristic culture of climbing projects. For example, net cages and elastic mazes are all small games in the climbing frame, which not only test the players For a high degree of adaptability, it also increases the player's spatial reasoning ability, which is novel, challenging, and full of fun.