How to make your playground design more outstanding?

- Jul 15, 2020-

How to make your playground design more outstanding?

       With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, the technological content and cultural and artistic content of modern amusement parks are getting higher and higher, and tourists have higher and higher expectations for amusement parks for innovation, change and good. Therefore, there are many experts participating in the design of group playgrounds from different angles. Multi-angle thinking and full-scale argumentation can be used to make up for the lack of wide vision and easy omissions in the design of personal playgrounds by authoritative experts. But a good playground design group should have the following characteristics. Only with these characteristics can we design an innovative playground.

   1. The playground design community must be truly composed of relevant experts in various fields. The participation of the head of government or the boss of the enterprise is often blocked by the will of the chief or the ideas of the boss. Therefore, it is necessary to have special expertise in the art industry in order to propose meaningful solutions to the specific conditions of the playground.

   Second, the playground design must have clear guidelines at the beginning. When the discussion enters an open view and free imagination, it is easy to appear the so-called "off topic" or "off rein", which causes the playground design to deviate from the expected direction. Therefore, we must grasp the principle at any time. Adhere to the dominant direction.

   3. The experts in the playground design community come from different aspects, different professions and different experiences. They have different strengths and weaknesses in knowledge and ability, and they also have different emphasis on thinking methods and considerations. Chaoyang Amusement reminds you that learning from each other's strengths or arguing with each other will facilitate more collision of thoughts and stimulate more sparks of inspiration.

   Fourth, there must be a good organizer in the playground design community. He should be a senior playground design expert, and he should also have the personality of being approachable and cohesive.

   Fifth, the people involved in the design of the playground should emancipate their minds, exchange views completely and equally, and completely remove the shackles of authoritative concepts from their own thinking. The stronger the democratic atmosphere in the playground design community and the more heated the discussion, the higher the level of playground design.

   Sixth, the design process of the playground is a process that gradually clears up to the clear. The organizer of the playground design group should be good at summing up and summing up the thoughts and ideas of each playground designer in the playground design project, so that the fuzzy concepts formed at the beginning of the playground design are gradually clear, and finally a Clear and complete playground design proposal.

   Seven. Absorb various new concepts, new ideas, and new ideas to meet the special requirements of amusement parks with multiple disciplines, categories, rapid development, and large changes, and ensure the high quality of the playground design.