How to choose the correct large outdoor play equipment for children?

- Nov 15, 2020-

How to choose the correct large outdoor play equipment for children?

Large outdoor children's playground equipment can be divided into climbing class, slide class, swing class, hydrophilic class, etc. according to the type of experience. What are his functions and gameplay? Only understanding will help us choose.

Climbing class

The climbing category mainly wins with styling. In other words, children have the desire to climb. The colors, overall structure and internal structure all make the children want to climb and feel the interest of micro-exploration. Climbing facilities can enhance the body's softness and sense of coordination. Such sports have been used in the medical field to correct the muscle development of young people, as well as the coordination training of the hands, eyes, and body. It can also increase physical strength to a certain extent. The focus on the child's attention.


The slide is an indispensable facility on the playground. The slide adds a lot of fun to the child's childhood, and the process of playing the slide brings benefits to the child's growth and development. Playing the slide, the body changed a completely different way of movement, the back and hips contacted the sliding surface, which is completely different from sitting, lying, running, and walking, which promotes the development of touch. In the process of sliding down the slide, you need to adjust your body, master your balance and speed, and exercise your body's coordination ability. Sitting on a slide, the experience is different from the form of ground sports. It is not good to balance. The body tilts and will roll down and fall, so the balance ability will be exercised unconsciously. And in the gap time waiting in line to play, will exercise children's sense of order.


Shaking class mainly refers to swing-based amusement facilities, experiencing the thrill of speed and acceleration under relatively safe conditions. Such activities can stimulate the vestibular system, make the child's neural pathways smoother, and get endless fun in the increase and decrease of the feeling speed.

Each unpowered play facility is designed to challenge children's understanding and creativity of their own bodies, improve their learning ability, increase happiness in play, and help children explore and understand the changes in their environment and body. It is good for children to give full play to their activity ability and imagination, while having fun and happiness, the body gets aerobic endurance exercise, which is conducive to cultivating children's brave, tough and tenacious personality, exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities to achieve physical fitness The purpose of healthy body and brain puzzle.