What are the height requirements for indoor trampoline parks

- Oct 15, 2020-

Indoor trampoline park of sites is the most basic standard need to level off, the venue at least 5 meters, the height is actually the distance of the ground to the venue of the end face, of course, such a request is only the most basic need trampoline play trampoline height, if a comprehensive trampoline park, the diversity of the project is indispensable, so the height of the project, of course, the more the height requirements are different, but from the overall point of view, the higher the height of an indoor trampoline park is better, then the raising of truss method of higher for the visual perception of consumers will be more stronger, no longer feel some depressive feeling.

Like a general trampoline park are very common equipment foundation type of trampoline professional web celebrity trampoline area thick Marine dunk the ball pool, and so on, some of the foundation and the ground to the height of the ocean ball pool sticks of auxiliary requirements can be designed according to the actual height, actually that is in a fixed height, can be designed simple and can control the indoor events, because these items don't need too high requirements but also can play, such as jumping off the devil slide The functional highly demanding trampoline, rock climbing, you need a certain height to complete the project design, diving ocean ball pool need to 5 m high above, and the professional area of the trampoline, for example, height is in eight meters, but because the trampoline park most of them are from some for trampoline park has a certain hobby, not a professional athlete, so for the requirement of the trampoline will reduce a lot as a result, a small indoor trampoline park high requirements in 4.5 meters or so.

Many trampoline park companies constantly innovation better functional trampoline project, let young people can enjoy the freedom of personality is bold and unrestrained character, can let the player more quickly into the trampoline world .Although a trampoline park construction requirement is very strict, but relatively than the traditional amusement projects, it has the magic is not other traditional projects, more popular with the young people, so every trampoline park is very lively. The height requirement of indoor trampoline park is a prerequisite condition, which is the primary condition for the construction of trampoline park.