From what aspects should the innovation of children's play equipment start?

- May 23, 2020-

From what aspects should the innovation of children's play equipment start?

     What should we do to innovate children's play equipment? I believe that during this time, everyone is looking forward to the improvement of the epidemic and is also preparing to resume the work of opening the park. For this time period, for children's playgrounds, it is necessary to attract as many tourists as possible, which naturally requires innovation and improvement. Unlike a cookie-cutter amusement project, you need to make customers feel bright when opening the market. Next, we will talk about the aspects that children's amusement park innovation should start from.

    For investors, it is necessary to clearly understand the value positioning of their children ’s playgrounds. Most parks today take "education as fun" as the starting point, from simple play functions to training children's hands-on ability and self-confidence, from personal entertainment When the birthday party is held, the children can make more friends and break the introverted psychology. The children's playground carries more and more social responsibilities. When the operators of the park recognize the essence of the children ’s park, they should start to innovate from daily activities, such as holding some children ’s play equipment competitions on holidays, so that children can improve their abilities in the activities and can also pay more. Good friends, give children a natural and pleasant environment to cultivate their character.

    The second is to actively change the existing resources. In order to enhance the fun of the experience, a variety of self-service experiences such as free self-service experience, coin-operated independent experience, and parent-child self-service experience can be added to the original children's play facilities. At the same time, parent-child activities, business experience stores, etc. have been set up to allow parents to participate in the activity link, adding supporting businesses for parent-child and parent categories, "one-stop" to solve more needs of children and parents.

    Of course, the core of a playground is still in the product, and enriching the products of the park is also a very important aspect. Today's babies are born with a "wide view". Traditional beat-and-beat game consoles have long been unattractive. Carousel, self-control plane, pirate ship, etc. are more likely to gain their favor with novel gameplay. In general, operators should often do market research on children's amusement facilities, and understand the main motivation for innovation to consume