What factors should be considered in choosing outdoor slide

- Oct 23, 2020-

Children's education and entertainment are more and more concerned by the general public. Children's slide is the main body of outdoor recreation facilities. Besides the quality of children's slide, what other problems should be paid attention to when choosing children's slide?

Children's recreation facilities should take into account some of their own physical characteristics and activities. Such as children's height, age, etc. Different height, age of the corresponding amusement facilities are not the same. Compared with the younger children, children's slide with small difficulty coefficient and gentle slope and supporting amusement facilities should be selected. For a little older children, you can use some combination slides, which can include climbing, sliding and a series of recreational equipment to exercise body balance and enhance physical fitness. So as to meet the needs of children's growth.

Children's body will be more vulnerable than adults, so safety issues should be put in the first place when choosing and designing children's paradise. The location of children's park should be far away from vehicles as far as possible, and the surrounding people's flow is relatively sparse, in case of emergency. At the same time, when installing the amusement facilities, more attention should be paid to the details and safety of the slide. There should be no structure with sharp corners such as screws, and all gaps should not be greater than the width of children's fingers, so as to prevent children's fingers from being pinched and causing unnecessary injury. In addition, the convex surface structure should be wrapped more to avoid collision.

When children are playing, they are more than just playing a game. In the game, children exercise more coordination and strength. When communicating with friends, the children's social skills are trained. In different scenes, the direction of children's exercise is different, so in the design of children's amusement facilities, we should integrate participation, diversity, knowledge and interest to create an activity place with education and fun.