Do you really know trampoline?

- Oct 27, 2016-

As early as the mid-19th century, the North American Comanche Indians used trampoline analogues, circus acrobats using a similar trampoline at least 200 years of history. French acrobat Du Trampolin (Du Trampolin) is the founder of the modern flexible trampoline, the traditional trampoline by the jump surface, spring plus frame structure pattern formed after the continuation of a hundred years until today. This is why the English name for the trampoline Trampoline, should be used to commemorate the clever ancestors of it. Even today, from the trampoline structure design, whether it is the roadside children's trampoline or the use of professional games with the trampoline, never fundamentally changed the basic structure of this design, but the size, shape, material and quality The only difference. Sports and entertainment are inseparable, they are equally ancient and interesting. Over the years people have been trying to find out how to break the shackles of tradition. Until 2003, in the field of trampoline design has finally made remarkable achievements in the world, that is, after New Zealander Keith Alexander (Keith Alexander, Department of Engineering, Canterbury University, Dr.) painstaking research for 14 years, the invention of the design SpringfreeTM Jumping) safe sports trampoline in the global success of the market, and ultimately break the traditional trampoline 100 years of structural design concepts and security flaws. A springless trampoline based on the new 'bar structure' support and the 'soft ridge protection net' concept has finally come out! This is undoubtedly the most significant milestone in the history of trampoline development in the history of the revolution, its significance lies in a fundamental solution to the traditional trampoline equipment safety deficiencies, so that trampoline is no longer a very small number of professional athletes and stunt actors exclusive territory. Safe exercise trampoline as a new generation of high-tech revolutionary products for the trampoline into the field of fitness, to serve the public paved the way.