The five core elements of the design of the trampoline park

- Mar 23, 2021-

The logo design of the trampoline hall needs to have a high recognition effect, and it is also one of the important means to improve the brand recognition of the trampoline park. Customers entering the venue usually use the signs to find the place they want to go to play or learn about some safety measures and trampoline movements.

The design of the trampoline hall indication logo should be based on the environmental background. While meeting the functional design of the trampoline project, it should also be coordinated and unified with the internal environment and style of the venue.

The shape design of the signage of the trampoline hall should have the characteristics and style of the hall itself, so as to achieve the coincidence of style and taste, and try to avoid uncertain factors such as lighting. Only a comprehensive and systematic venue identification guide can communicate with customers.

The materials used for the design of the trampoline hall instruction logo must be clear and have an important effect on the interior of the venue, and the customer must have a sense of identification with the venue space. The materials must match and contrast with the design style of the venue itself.

Because of the different functions of the trampoline hall indicating logo design, the environment combined with each type of logo location is also different. In interrelated places, similar or similar visual designs can add letters, symbols or numbers to deepen customers' memory.

Trampoline hall instruction logo design colors should be made systematically, and based on the overall perception of trampoline venue VI colors, select a single color as the keynote, or multiple colors as the keynote, and even the function and category of the logo can be used as the keynote The starting point, but to avoid visual confusion.