Elements of the design of an outdoor children's playground

- Dec 04, 2020-

Outdoor adventure playground is different from the indoor playground, not only need to do building interior design planning, more needs to be done to landscape design, field, the greater the difficulty, the greater the let many amusement equipment in outdoor space and natural environment harmonious collocation is one of the key, theme highlighted for visit, create a good atmosphere, all is closely related to the design elements of the park. Although a considerable number of non-power parks have been opened in many parts of the world, but the image of the traditional park in the past still exists and people's impression, to put an end to the traditional image of the past, it is necessary to have these consistent design elements.

Terrain design: Plastic is used as the basis of ground design in ordinary amusement parks, but not all outdoor parks are suitable for plastic grounds. Only the changing terrain elements can enrich the atmosphere of the whole basic space. The changing terrain can bring more entertainment experiences with details, such as climbing, running, jumping and drilling, etc., all of which can be embodied in a concrete image. The selection of materials is not limited to engineering plastics, but combined with the natural terrain, which saves the cost of materials and makes it more pure and diversified.

Space design: Outdoor park also needs to pay attention to the overall unity of the space atmosphere, these details reflected in the landscape of green plants, road paving, housing construction and so on. Children are curious about new things. In terms of green plants, low trees that are both ornamental and interesting can be used. It would be better if they have some scientific value. The road connection area in the park should be smooth and neat to improve the overall sense of fluency and visual transparency. It is better to use the protective floor to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. In the choice of colors, bright and lively collocation is needed to fit the nature of children.

Water-sediment design: children's nature, like water, so the participation of water in the outdoor playground design elements is indispensable, water to the participation of as many rides elements, such as water park and some water play equipment, the present from the external modelling of water, so it is flat bend, and depth, etc should be combined with the actual situation to make the best choice; As another typical space environment, the sand should play a prominent role. First, the overall softness and smoothness should be ensured. The combination of amusement projects should be natural fit, such as swing, slide and climbing, which are very suitable for the sand.