The design of children’s play area in the park must pay attention to these details

- Jan 18, 2021-

Nowadays, urban parks are getting better and better, with more and more complete functions. All social groups can enjoy the convenience brought by urban public space, and these conveniences are reflected in the perfect matching of facilities and ingenious landscape design .In order to have a better city life for young people, many city parks have designed children's play areas. Then, when designing children's play areas in parks, what can be done to make urban parks a higher level?

First of all, we must understand the positioning of the park’s children’s play area in the entire environment. Children’s play in the park is an integral part of it. It is aimed at the outdoor play interactive experience of young people and children. It may also satisfy some parent-child interactions, etc., generally by the government And social organizations and other leading construction, mostly free public welfare projects.

The most important point of public welfare projects is the safety issue. Most of them will be left unattended. Therefore, project safety and the safety of amusement facilities have become the top priority. Now we have proposed an intelligent safety system to plant more advanced safety awareness. The construction of children's play in the park aims to solve this problem. In addition, the entrance design of the children's playground requires a lot of clever ideas to attract children's attention. The open space allows children to have a panoramic view of the entire children's playground at the entrance, effectively enhancing the attractiveness of outdoor amusement.

The second is the theme design. High-quality and distinctive themes can better integrate park amusement. Combining with the city's humanistic customs, with the surrounding landscape, and with the lively tone of the children's group, from multiple perspectives, the park can play the value beyond the playground, and build a more harmonious public space for urban life.

Different themes can bring different atmospheres. We often say that we emphasize the diversified development of urban culture. This is the power that park amusement spaces can contribute, and the themes can make the amusement more full and allow children to form more thinking And exercise is not just a simple game.

Finally, it is best to customize the equipment selection of the park amusement area according to its own planning details, rather than purchasing existing ready-made products, so as to ensure the theme and its own characteristics, and better meet the character that a region should have. We already have many cases for reference in the customized service of powered amusement equipment, and we can learn and absorb experience, but it is by no means a simple imitation.